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There has always been a real buzz in the horticultural industry for new plant and product introductions, with many new innovative and exciting developments being launched every year. However, proving that a concept or plant actually performs is a huge challenge that many companies often face - how do you create a trusted image for a product that is, one day, going to fly off the shelves?! Well, that's where Sow Successful can help......

Sow Successful Ltd., formed in early 2020 by expert horticulturalist Chris Wiley, trades from a large commercial glasshouse in Ipswich and is able to offer personalised trial packages that will see products tested under strict, independent growing conditions, with regular comparison photos by our professional in-house photographer, and a full report at the end of the trial that can be presented to the press and used in PR campaigns. We also offer advice and support from start to finish, including help setting up a product, right through to creating product branding and launching into the marketplace. 


We don't just grow under glass, as we also have outside planting areas for those plants that prefer to be in an outdoor environment.

As well as plant trials, we grow a vast amount of plants for seed production and various shows and exhibitions. Quite simply, whatever your needs, we can probably help!


Sow Successful is committed to offering high quality service at competitive prices, with the aim of striving to meet and exceed expectations.


Having been introduced to horticulture at a very young age, Chris has always been passionate about plants, having worked for various companies within the industry and taken responsibility for many prized plants for exhibiting at flower shows, building up stocks of rare varieties, and recording data for breeding programmes to name just a few of the many roles he has undertaken in his career so far. When you collaborate with Sow Successful, you can be assured that you will receive expert care and advice from start to finish. Chris is always happy to share his knowledge at every opportunity that comes his way.

Based in East Anglia, UK, we have excellent transport links to the rest of the country and we are happy to meet with you to discuss any aspect of plant trials at our office, over the phone, or alternatively Chris is more than happy to travel should this be a more convenient option.

Check out our 'Services' page for more information on the types of trials that we undertake.

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